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When it comes to you and your loved ones, finding an experienced 95661 family dentist who offers an extensive range of dental services can make all the difference. At MyToothSpa Dentistry & Orthodontics, our skilled and compassionate dentists are fully equipped to address the unique oral care needs of every member in your family. From gentle and engaging pediatric care, to state-of-the-art in treatment for dental emergencies, cosmetic smile makeovers, and restorative care, you can depend on us when you need it most.

At every stage of life, maintaining a consistent oral care regimen is critical for warding off dental disease. Emphasizing preventive dental care, from comprehensive oral examinations and professional teeth cleanings, to one-on-one instruction in the best methods for maintaining excellent oral hygiene all year round, our office provides the treatment, instruction, and education necessary to keep you smiling in the best of health. Since every smile is unique, when you and your family members come in for routine preventive care, you can each expect to receive highly individualized care. Because pediatric patients due to diet and brushing habits are typically at an increased risk for cavities, additional treatments are periodically provided to strengthen and shield their teeth from dental decay. During your children’s visit, they’ll get to learn all about the effects that inadequate oral hygiene and sugary snacks have on their oral health. As part of a comprehensive exam, every adult patient receives a periodontal evaluations, and personalized instruction in the best methods for keeping their gums clean and healthy. If you’re at increased risk for dental disease, whether due to age, certain health conditions, or crooked teeth, your 95661 family dentist will ensure that you’re following the proper care regimen to maintain your smile.

Experienced in the treatment of patients at any age, your 95661 family dentist is an exceptional resource for the oral care of you and your loved ones. To schedule your next visit, contact MyToothSpa Dentistry & Orthodontics today!

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